Do you do TF?
Sometimes we do! Look out for any model casting calls on our Facebook page :)

What should I wear to a photo session?
Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable but here are some tips:

  • Avoid wearing items with distracting logos & graphics.
  • Accessories! Bring some simple or edgy pieces to add variety to a look.
  • Wear colors that compliment your skin tone.
  • Fitted clothing photographs best. Wear fitted tops or bring belts for your outfits to accentuate your waist :)
  • Family portraits: Color coordinate. Choose a main color and put together your outfits.

What should I expect to happen during a session?You can send us some photos you like for inspiration and ideas on style/poses/etc prior to the shoot.
We will meet up at a location of your choice (or ours!) and have you stand in an area for a couple of test shots. If the lighting is good then we will let you do your own thing or we can help you pose! We have poses on our phone if you need a visual. :)

*We may wander around a bit to find the best spot to shoot in. Shooting with the sun above us can cast dark and unflattering shadows on your face.

What time do I have to be ready for a sunset session?
We want to start shooting 2 hours before sundown. There's a beautiful warm glow around this time. You can use google for an estimated time.  As the sun gets too low, colors began to darken and look cool (usually a deep blue tone) which can change the mood of your images.

Example: Sunset is a little after 8pm. Arrive at location at 6:00pm to allow for 1-2 hours of shooting time.

Can we shoot indoors?
Yes! We have a little set up: white backdrop, lights & flash.

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